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The North Drainage Services Directory Is a niche online business directory website which lists the services for drainage companies, tanker companies and grease management companies. Across the United Kingdom. 


Who offer a wide range of services from high pressure water jetting for blocked pipes, backed up toilets and blocked drains.   

Inclusive to the reactive callout services there are numerous other services such as, pre-planned maintenance programmes, emergency flood clean-ups, drainage installations, pipe cleaning and descaling.  

Including C.C.T.V drain surveys, which are spectacular in defining an accurate report with real time footage of your drainage system.    

To commercial vacuum and suction tankers, which are perfect for septic tank emptying, cesspit emptying, liquid waste disposal, grease traps emptying, cleaning interceptor's and flood clean ups. 

Also listed, are specialist pipe rehabilitation services in pipe relining techniques such as patch repairs, blue light (LED cured) lining, epoxy coated lining, (C.I.I.P) cured-in-place-pipe, and other ‘no-dig’ pipe repairing technology methods.   

You can also search for grease management companies who specialise in selling, supplying, installing, cleaning and maintenance of grease traps.  The very same being used in commercial and industrial restaurants, kitchens, fast food vendors and hotels.  For the control and prevention of fats, oils and grease (F.O.G) from entering into our sewer system.  

Whatever the emergency or situation with your plumbing or drainage, the north drainage services directory will help you find a solution, and quickly. Please take the time to explore this website and become familiar with the directory and the associated index service sections, thank you.