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Areas of Operation:

PBF Drainage Services Ltd, Nationwide, UK, Europe, North, East, South, West, Northamptonshire, Northampton, Northumbria, Mercia, East Anglia, Essex, Kent, Sussex, Wessex, Liverpool, London, Cheshire, Lancashire, Southport, Merseyside, Wirral, Warrington, Scotland, Wales, North West, North West of England.

Services Provided:

Blue-Light LED Systems, Trenchless pipe repairs, Full length lining, patch repair, CIPP), cured-in-place-pipe, lateral cutting, CCTV surveying, HP jetting, Specialist no dig repairs, CCTV drain surveys, HPWJ, high pressure water jetting, pipe repair specialists, clearing blockages, descaling, root cutting, fog removal, fats, oils and grease.


Established in 2012 PBF Drainage Services Ltd have become one of the most highly respected drainage companies in the country, due to our unparalleled customer service. Our knowledge has come from extensive experience within the industry and our careful selection of staff. As a company we carry out extensive training, to ensure all our staff are fully capable to carry out their duties, in a professional, cost-effective way, under the strictest of health and safety procedures. Working alongside some of the largest companies in the UK PBF Drainage Services Ltd have the skill set and back up to support any sized project you may have. For all your drainage needs please call one of our team to discuss your requirements. From our centrally based location in Northampton, we work throughout the UK and Europe providing a one stop shop for your project large or small.

Listed below are some of the services we provide:

High Pressure Water Jetting

Small van mounted equipment used in smaller diameter pipes. Our van packs are capable of cleaning a 225mm pipe. Operating at 3600psi 16gpm lengths of 100m can be worked in. Ideal for clearing blockages, descaling, root cutting, and fog removal (fats, oils and grease). These jetting units are mounted in 3.5t MWB Vehicles so can work where larger truck mounted equipment can’t get to.

CCTV Drain Surveying

With the latest camera systems on the market all fully portable systems. This enables access to all areas where vehicle access is limited. All our systems run off either compact silent generator systems or battery power reducing noise pollution allowing work to continue with minimal disruption during unsociable hours. Our main line camera systems have the capability of working within pipe diameters of 150mm – 3000mm with full pan and rotate camera lenses, fully steerable and auto height adjustment, these cameras can negotiate bends and obstacles in larger diameter pipes reducing abandoned surveys due to debris or diameter changes midway through a pipe length. Explosive atmospheres or high-risk areas are not a problem for our systems as they are fully ATEX compliant and certified for work in these areas.

Drain Repair

This is a method used where pipe conditions or site condition do not allow for conventional repair methods. We use an epoxy type resin that is resistant to most chemicals and is incredibly hard wearing. This is applied via rotating brushes that coat the internal surfaces of the pipe. Thickness’s of up to 10mm can be applied if required and in pipe diameters of 30mm – 150mm larger pipes can be coated if required using specially made attachments. This system is ideal for coating of cast iron pipework, air conditioning ducts, water pipes of varying materials and traditional clay and concrete pipes. It is also used where traditional methods can’t overcome multiple bends or where heat can't be used to cure liners and standard resins could potentially cause fumes to enter the property during the curing process.

The benefits of a CCTV drainage survey are spectacular in defining an accurate report with real time footage of your drainage system.

Trenchless drain relining methods such as (CIPP), a cured-in-place-pipe. Is created by an epoxy layered liner which does not involve digging a trench.  Benefits? Less noise, cleaner and overall, more convenient. 

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An Example of How a Drainage System Can Fail

The moss, leaves and general dirt build-up like we see in the guttering will be channelled down into the gullies. If not cleaned properly and checked regularly, it will back up surface water and create pooling and flooding.  

Again, damp saturation, mould, cracks, slip hazards and ground movement or erosion can all occur. This can also lead to pipe collapse symptoms, with sustained heavy rainfall, extreme cold and heat all expanding contraction effects.  

When an emergency arises with our drainage, be it a blocked toilet or an over flowing drain on our property. High pressure water jetting will be the tool to unblock it!

The benefits for using high pressure water  

jetting is valuable in maintaining the integrity and continuity of your drainage pipes, and to keep them flowing.